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Principal:  Maria Carty            Vice-Principal:  Bernice Jackson





                        PRMS Staff wishes all our students and their families
                                               a fun and safe summer! 

            School office is open until July 8th and will reopen August 25th.



2015-16 Supply List: Grade 6 and 7


For the 2015-16 school year, student entering grade 6 and 7 will pay a supply fee ($30) in addition to the usual student fee ($25).

The following items will need to be purchased by students and brought to school on the first day of school..


pencil case or pencil box


indoor sneakers




gym shorts and T shirt




Grade 8 Supply List 2015-2016 (includes those in 7-8 Immersion)


For the 2015-16 school year, student entering grade 8 will pay a student fee ($25).


Students will also need to purchase the following items and bring them to school on the first day of school.


  • 1 pencil case

  • 20 pencils  

  • 1 coiled scribbler (Writer’s Workshop)

  • 4 hillroy scribblers (32 pages each) ** for French Immersion only

  • 4 duotangs  (Health, Core French, Phys Ed, Tech Ed/Family Stds)

  • 2 Binders-  (2 inches each)

  • 3 x 200 sheet packages of looseleaf

  • 1 package dividers

  • 2 white erasers

  • 10 pens (blue or black)

  • 1 glue stick

  • 1 package of 4 highlighters

  • 1 white out

  • 2 boxes of tissue for class use   

  • A basic calculator (with square root button ) - Dollar store is acceptable. Use of calculator on personal device (e.g. cell phone, ipod) will not be permitted.  

  • $2 for a math ISN notebook (to be purchased by the math teacher)

  • indoor sneakers

  • shorts, T-shirt and gym bag for PE


Grade 6, 7 & 8


**Electronics: Each team (2 classrooms) is equipped with a set of 15 Chromebooks and 7 ipads that students can use to support their learning. To increase student access to technology, PRMS is promoting, BYOD: Bring Your Own Device. Any student who has their own laptop, tablet, or Chromebook is encouraged to bring it to school to use for academic purposes. When not in use, students should lock their electronic device in their locker for safe keeping. Families interested in purchasing a device for their child to use at school or at home are encouraged to consider the Chromebook (approx cost: $250 plus tax). Please note: Chromebooks require Internet access for full functionality.



          Pine Ridge Middle School is a Grade 6 to 8 school located in Kingston, Nova Scotia and is part of the Annapolis Valley Regional School Board. In addition to the regular  course offering PRMS offers an early and late French Immersion program. The school has a total enrollment of 410 students and 42 staff members. Upon completing Grade 8, students leaving PRMS attend West Kings District High School in Auburn.

          PRMS is a PEBS (Positive, Effective, Behavior Support) School. We identify and communicate to students positive behavior expectations and support them in meeting these expectations.




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Pine Ridge Middle School

625 Pine Ridge Avenue / PO Box 279

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