All students are strongly encouraged to use their agenda on a daily basis. It is an excellent way to keep up to date on assignments, projects and tests. Writing down homework on a daily basis will assist in the success of all students.


Reporting Periods

In all subjects have three formal reporting periods for communicating student progress to students and parents.
1st Term             -          Novemer
2nd Term            -          April
3rd Term            -           June

There are no formal examinations written, however, teachers may incorporate such evaluation and assessment tools as portfolios, process and/or performance exams in combination with continuous progress reporting.

Report Cards   

End of year report cards will be presented to students after the closing ceremonies on the last day of school or mailed out if the student is moving away from the area. Your cooperation in adhering to the date is greatly appreciated.

Merit Awards  

At Pine Ridge we recognize student achievement in specific subjects, overall academics and citizenship. At the end of the year, Merit Awards of Excellence are awarded in three categories:

  1. Subject Awards of Excellence- presented to Students who exemplify the top 25% of the class in that subject, regardless of their standing in other subjects.
  2. Academic Excellence- At the grade 6 level these are presented to students who have exemplified mastery across subjects, with an eye toward the Honours definition. Meaning, with more than 50% of their marks being A’s and no grade lower than a C. At grade 7 and 8 students with an average of 80% or greater are awarded Honours; and students with a 90% or higher receive Honours with Distinction.
  3. Citizenship Awards of Excellence - presented to students who have exemplified citizenship through contributions to the classroom, peers, staff and/or school, through daily activities, volunteer acts, and community involvement that may flow over into the school.  The Learner Profile is an excellent source for identify students and completing the list of candidates.


Gym Rules

  1. No food, drinks, or chewing gum in the gym. NOTE: Food cannot be carried into the gym.
  2. Sneakers and proper gym attire have to be worn at all times while participating in the gym. No student will be allowed to participate in the gym unless wearing proper footwear. (SNEAKERS ONLY)
  3. No student can participate in the gym unless they are supervised by a teacher or volunteer. NOTE: This includes before and after school, noon hour and evening activities. Students violating this rule will be suspended from all gym activities (beyond gym class).
  4. Athletic Program
  5. All students at Pine Ridge interested in participating in the Athletic Program must be prepared to accept the following responsibilities:
  6. Maintain satisfactory attendance in school (90%).
  7. Be in attendance on game and practice days.
  8. Maintain an acceptable level of academic achievement.
  9. Attend all practices and games, unless a prior excuse is delivered personally to the coach.
  10. A student quitting/leaving a team will forfeit his/her right to compete on any other team, except under extraordinary circumstances.
  11. Not leave one team to take part on another. The only exception is if the first coach gives permission.
  12. Where the athlete is a member of two or more teams operating at the same time, the athlete will discuss conflicts with both coaches and will always honor the commitment to the first team. Teams starting at the same time will follow the rule of play-off games over practice, exhibition or league games.
  13. Travel with the adult designated by the coach. The only exception is when permission is given by the parent and is acceptable to the coach.
  14. Display superior sportsmanship and conduct at all times and strictly follows the NSSAF Code of Ethics.
  15. Students must behave in an appropriate manner within the classroom and school setting or there will be consequences in relation to extracurricular activities.
  16. Athletic Fees
  17. Athletic programs and sports teams are funded through player fees that may range between $50.00 - $100.00 depending on the sport, number of games and length of season. Outside funding agencies may be applied to cover player fees.


All students are expected to maintain regular school attendance and arrive on time for each day of classes, unless they are excused with written guardian/parent permission. Those days that your child does not use the bus as transportation, please ensure arrival is no later than 8:50. Parents/guardians are urged to grant permission to miss school or to be late for class for only the very best of reasons. When students are ill, parents are asked to please phone the school and notify the secretary or leave a message on the school answer machine. Please state the student’s name and homeroom class.Should a student become ill during school hours, the student is to come to the office and phone home to have a parent pick him or her up. At no time will a student be permitted to walk home. A sick room is available for minor illnesses.

Late Arrival for School or Class

Students are expected to be on time for all classes.  Students who are late for school must check in at the office with a parent or guardian or have a written excuse from home explaining the reason for being late. Should the reason not be legitimate, the student will make up the time during recess, noon or after school.  During the regular scheduled day, teachers will handle student tardiness with their particular classes.  Chronic abusers will be referred to the office.


All grades 6, 7 and 8 students return to their homeroom at approximately 3:15 each day. The purpose of this brief homeroom time is to enable students to tidy their room and get to their lockers for necessary textbooks and homework materials. Dismissal is approximately 3:20. Mountain View and Meadow Trail exit through the main doors, while Ponderosa Passage and River Route exit through their neighbourhood doors. Walkers are dismissed at the same time as the bus students.

Early Arrival/Staying Late

The first bus arrives at Pine Ridge at approximately 8:15 a.m.  This is the earliest time in the morning that students will be supervised.  Students are able to stay in the main lobby, gym, or cafeteria until the bell rings at 8:50 am.  Students will sometimes arrive by private transportation earlier than 8:15 a.m.  This is permitted if the student has an acceptable reason for being there such as a practice or some other teacher supervised activity; however, this early arrival must be after 8:00 am, when the front doors will be unlocked.  It is not acceptable for any student to arrive early or stay late unless they are in a supervised activity under a teacher's supervision.  Please drop off in the designated parking lot, not the bus loop.


School dance are scheduled in October, December, February, April, and June. School dances are a privilege and not a right. Acceptable attendance and and good performance both academically and socially is required by students in order to take advantage of this privilege. A student with poor attendance, incomplete work, or an external or formal internal suspension between dances results in a review of dance privledges for the student. This may result in the student being denied the privledge of attending the subsequent dance. School dress code applies to dances.


Cellular phones and other electronic devices are only permitted at school with permission of the parent/guardian. These devices may be used before school at recess and lunch and are not permitted during class time, unless it is for an instructional purpose and the teacher has given permission. Failure to comply will result in the device being taken away for the day and if necessary a loss of privledges for a period of time.



Fire prevention is the responsibility of all school staff and students at Pine Ridge Middle School. It is imperative that the above mentioned become familiar with the fire drill procedures for P.R.M.S.In the event of a fire, or other emergency, lives should be the most important concern. With this in mind it is essential that students and staff leave the building in a quick and orderly manner, without panic, and reach safety without injury. Maintaining order and discipline will aid efficient evacuation. Fire fighting, putting on outdoor apparel and attempting to save material things are all secondary to the safety of students. Practicing good fire prevention habits, and detection and elimination of fire hazards, are the responsibility of all students and staff members.

Procedure Upon the Discovery of a Fire

  • Upon discovery of fire, the individual shall operate one of the internal alarm boxes immediately. This will notify everyone in the building.
  • Should the alarm box not operate then use the next nearest alarm box.
  • Call 911 stating the name and civic address of the building and the nature of the emergency.

Procedure Upon Hearing an Alarm

  • All students and staff are to leave the building in a quick and orderly manner.
  • Staff and students will exit the building by the pre-determined primary exit routes, to assembly points outside the building (soccer field). In the event of a blocked exit, the first person to reach the exit should stop, raise their hand and reverse direction, exiting through the designated secondary route for that class. Outside the building, students are to remain together as a class, standing in a straight line, remian quiet and wait for futher instructions.
  • Students and staff will re-enter the school only after an “all clear” signal is given.
  • During non-class time if the fire alarm sounds, students are to gather at their assigned areas outside and teachers are asked to join them there.


Chewing gum is not permitted at PRMS. In order to support the request of the building owners and to protect the valuable technology in our school, we ask that students refrain from chewing gum.


Homework plays an important role in a student's learning. It offiers students the opportunity to practice skills taught in class and apply concepts and skills they have previously learned to new situations. Students should be in the habit of doing homework on a daily basis. This may include completing work that was started in class, or preparing an assignment or project that was assigned to be done at home. Independent reading and reviewing notes or work for an upcoming test or quiz are also recommended. It is however important that the amount of time spent on homework be reasonable. On average about 60 minutes a night would be reasonable.

All teachers post homework in the classroom and many teachers post their homework online. Parents and students are encouraged to check with subject teachers regarding this valuable homework tool. This is available on the teacher pages of this website.


Pine Ridge is fortunate to have a modern computerized school library situated off the main commons area. The library serves as an important supplement to the regular instructional program of the school by assisting students with research work, familiarizing students with the organization and use of a library and encouraging reading for both pleasure and information. The library is open to all students and staff. Students are responsible for all materials borrowed from the library and students will be expected to make appropriate payment for loss or damage of any materials. Book bags will not be allowed in the library. If students come to the library with their book bags they must leave them at the front of the room. Overdue notices will be produced every two weeks. The current overdue book list will be posted at the circulation desk in the library. Each homeroom teacher will receive an overdue book list and will be asked to post it in their homeroom. When books are one month overdue parents will be phoned. If library books are not returned within a few days students’ names will be turned over to the administration for further action. Students with overdue library material will not be permitted to sign out more material or use computers during their free time.


Lockers are only to be used before classes begin in the morning, at recess, at noon, during the homeroom period and after school. Students are allowed to decorate their lockers only with magnets. Lockers are the property of the school and can be opened at any time. Locks are provided by the school, the cost included within the student fee. No personal locks please.


A student requiring prescribed medication during school hours must have Form AP403.k filled out and signed by a parent/guardian and pharmacist or doctor prior to administering the medication. A parent/guardian signature is required for over the counter medication. These forms are available at the office.


Orderly movement and gathering in the school is important to create an environment supportive of learning.


  • Students are to remain in their own neighbourhood unless travelling outside of their neighbourhood for specific subject/activities: Cafeteria, Band, Physical Education, Family Studies /Technology Education.
  • Students should walk to the right while in the hallways.
  • Students must be supervised by staff at all times when present in the classrooms.
  • While outside, students are to use congregation areas around the back of the school or on the end by the gymnasium.  The front of the school is to be clear of students at all times during school hours for safety reasons. 
  • Students must enter and exit through neighbourhood doors during recess and noon.
  • Students must remain on school property at all times unless written permission is given from parents or administration.

Choice Time Bell

During the lunch period each school day students have approximately twenty minutes to eat their lunch.  A tone will sound at the end of the first twenty minutes and the neighborhood halls are cleared at this time for the next twenty minutes.  Students may do any of the following at the tone:

  • Go outside.
  • Attend a club-meeting or intramural activity in the gymnasium or a classroom.
  • Attend a teacher or office detention.

Go to the library to work with permission from the library technician.

Quietly gather in the main lobby.


Parents should assume that the school is open unless otherwise notified. All school cancellation announcements will be aired over the local radio station early in the morning and will be posted on the AVRSb website. Parents/Guardians are also able to sign up for notifications from the AVRSB regarding cancellations. To do this go to and scroll to "Click here to subscribe to receive important announcement notifications by email or text message."


The student registration fee is $25.00 for one child and a total of $45.00 for two or more children from the same family payable by September 30 of each school year. The registration fee subsidizes the cost of student agendas, lock and locker rental, extra curricular activities, and fine arts performances. Students in grade 6 and 7 are also asked to pay a supply fee of $30 to cover the cost of the school supplies that have been purchaed for them.



The school and the School Board are responsible for the safe return home of bus-travelling students and must be careful that students who come to school on a bus are returned to their home stop by a bus, unless there is written permission from parents or guardians to do otherwise.  Therefore, students must travel on their own buses to and from school unless the parents indicate in writing different plans.  They must have a note if they want to use a different bus or get off at a different stop on their own bus.Should buses already be filled, permission to travel on a different bus will be refused.  Under no conditions are students to leave in a car unless written permission is received from their parents.
A school stamp along with an administrator’s signature must be evident on the written permission.

Personal Modes of Transportation

The use of skateboards, roller-blades, scooters, bicycles, ‘heelies’, etc., is a safety concern and are discouraged on school property.  If necessary to use, they are to be left in designated areas until dismissal.  At dismissal, or when school activity is finished, students are required to go directly home with these modes of transportation.  A definite requirement to use such transportation on school property (arrival and dismissal only) is the use of a helmet.  For obvious safety reasons, please do not permit your son/daughter to come to school without a helmet, otherwise they will be required to walk on and off school premises during hours of operation.  Thanking you in advance for your cooperation.


The expectations are that all school members will dress in an appropriate manner that is modest and conducive to creating a comfortable and safe learning/working environment.

  • When students arrive at their lockers to begin the day they are to remove all headgear and leave off until leaving the building for recess, lunch or end of day. 
  • All outdoor jackets must be removed during instructional time.  They may be stored in lockers or in designated areas in the classroom.
  • Students are required to have clean footwear for indoor use and are strongly encouraged to have a second pair of shoes or sneakers.
  • It is crucial that we maintain a “work-place” atmosphere among staff and students.  We as a staff are confident that we have developed limits for appropriate dress with consequences that are fair and reasonable.  Very simply stated:
  • No clothing/jewelry that is suggestive (depicting messages which are profane, demeaning, or that promote illegal activity).
  • All tops are to cover cleavage and the midriff at all times:  That is, spaghetti straps, low cut tops, halter tops, backless tops, sideless tops, tube tops, off the shoulder tops are not appropriate for the workplace.
  • Any clothing that allows undergarments to be visible are inappropriate for the workplace.
  • Shorts/skirts/dresses that are at the fingertips when arms are straight by the sides are appropriate for the workplace, in other words, mid-thigh.

Should an individual not comply with the dress policy, she/he will:
First offence: Students will be asked to cover up with appropriate clothing.

Chronic offenses: A telephone call home requiring student to go home and change or have parent/guardian bring in an appropriate change.