Pine Ridge Middle School is a middle school of approximately 350 students in grades 6, 7 & 8.

For 2018-19 the school has 15 homerooms with between 22-28 students in most homerooms. Classes are organized in pairs or groups of 3 and therefore teachers team teach, as opposed to being specialists in a junior high model.

The staff at Pine Ridge is composed of 15 homeroom teachers. These homerooms are supported by 4 Resource teachers, 1 Guidance Counsellor,  2 Physical Education teachers,  2 Administrators, 1 teacher of each elective subject: Family Studies, Technology Education, Visual Art, and Music/Band. Further to support students, PRMS has 8 Educational Assistants, a Library Tecnition, and a Student Support Worker.

There are 7 English homerooms, 3 Early French Immersion homerooms, 1 Intensive French homerooms, and 4 Integrated French homerooms.



Some of the extra curricular activities at Pine Ridge include:



Face Aux Questions

Basketball Boys & Girls  

Concours d'Art Oratoire 


Science Fair

Volleyball Girls & Boys

Heritage Fair

Soccer- Girls & Boys

Call to Remembrance

Soft Ball Girls & Boys



Yearbook Committee

Track & Field

Gaelic Club


Lego Robotics


Grade 8 Leaders



PRMS Choir

Panthers Provide: Service to the Community

Band Program

Mini Courses